Where to begin…Well, hi, I guess?
I’m a rather boring person, honestly.
I’m kinda quiet-more of a people watcher than anything, really.

My interests consist of food, art, and practically drowning in all the music I consume on the daily.
I adore most nature, such as foxes, jellyfish, thunderstorms, and that salty smell of the ocean.

Just… not spiders. Oh please, not the spiders.

Lately, I’ve been trying to discover more about myself.
What I’m comfortable and happy with.
But I’m basically just learning of how much I love and hate the human race all at once.
I really love art, I’ve discovered.
And food-oh the food…

I plan to become a writer.
I love words.
They’reĀ beautiful, when you think about it.
My love for literature and expression has led me to this, a blog dedicated to my creative writings.



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